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Сообщение michael kors dresses12316
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Сообщение Nike Q1 2006 Conf dial records NKE nike free dame
Nike Q1 2006 Conf Call Transcript NKE

Sports footwear, apparel and [url=http://kurl.no/EraW]billig nike sko[/url] equipment manufacturer Nike (ticker: KE) reported Q1 2006 earnings results earlier today. Here is a transcript of management's earnings results conference call in its entirety:Good day and welcome to the Nike first quarter 2006 earnings conference call. Today's call is being recorded. At this time for opening remarks and introductions, I will be turning the call over to Ms. Pamela nike shox sko Catlett, Vice President of Investor Relations.

Thank you. Good morning, everyone. Thank you for joining us today to discuss Nike's fiscal 2006 first quarter results. and where we will host our 25th annual meeting of shareholders tomorrow. We issued our results about an hour ago.

For veterans of these calls, you know that we have been adapting our call format over the years in order to streamline our communications and to address various topics of interest to you. In that spirit, today's call participants include Nike's Chief Financial Officer, Don Blair, and Co President of the Nike brand, Charlie Denson. Both Don and Charlie will have brief prepared remarks before we will then take your questions.

Before I turn it over to Don, let me remind you that on this call we're going to make forward looking statements based on our current expectations and those statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. These risks and uncertainties are detailed in the reports we file with the SEC including forms 8 K end 10 Q. Some forward looking [url=http://n3t.no/nikefreebillig]nike free norge[/url] statements concern futures orders that are not necessarily indicative of total revenues for subsequent periods due to cancellations and the mix of futures and at once orders which may very significantly from quarter to quarter.

In addition, it's important to remember a significant portion of our business including equipment, most of Nike retail, Nike Golf, Converse, Cole Haan, Bauer, Hurley and Exeter Brands Group are not included in [url=http://forkort.no/oj21]billig nike sko[/url] these futures numbers. Finally, during this conference call we may discuss non GAAP financial measures. A presentation of comparable GAAP measures and quantitative reconciliations can also be found at Nike's website. In this call we may also discuss non public financial and statistical information which is also publicly available on Nikebiz. Now here's Don Blair.

Don Blair Nike VP, CFO

Thanks, Pam. While we expected to lead off fiscal 2006 with a strong quarter, our profit growth in Q1 was a bit stronger than we had expected. resulted in higher revenues in the first quarter and we moved some demand creation spending from the first quarter into the second. Although the global environment has gotten more challenging over the last few months, we're confident that our results thus far and our market position around the world leave us in good shape to deliver on our financial goals for the year.

Our revenues grew 8% for the quarter to a record $3.9 billion. Changes in foreign currency exchange rates accounted for about 1 point of the growth for the quarter. region. Diluted earnings per share for the quarter were nike sko dame $1.61, up 33% versus fiscal 2005. The impact of last year's Starter acquisition on our quarterly revenue and EPS growth was not material.

For the quarter, our consolidated gross margin was 45.3%, up 80 basis points versus last year's first quarter. Currency changes accounted for about 180 basis points of the improvement, partially offset by investments in product value in Europe and Asia and less favorable product mix in Europe, additional costs [url=http://url.hw.no/?26f0]billig nike sko[/url] to meet the strong unit demand for footwear around the world, and higher product costs driven in part by oil prices.

As we expected, our SG spending grew modestly in the quarter as demand creation spending declined versus heavy prior year investments related to global sporting events in the summer of 2004. We also moved some planned demand creation spending from the first quarter to the second quarter this year. Futures orders scheduled for delivery from September through January grew 11% versus the prior year. Excluding the impact of currency changes, futures grew 11.4%, a significant acceleration versus the 8.3% constant dollar growth we reported last quarter. and Asia drove the increase.

In the first quarter of fiscal 2005, we also continued to generate strong cash flows as we delivered $197 million of free cash flow from operations. We've also continued to deliver cash to shareholders. In the first quarter we repurchased $151 million of our own stock and paid out $65 million in dividends. For the 12 months ended August 2005, our return on invested capital was 24%, up 80 basis points versus the prior quarter end.

With that perspective on our consolidated performance, let me now give you some additional depth on our results. In Nike Roshe Run our European region, which includes the Middle East and Africa, revenues grew 5% in Q1 with about 1 point of the growth coming from more favorable exchange rates. Excluding currency effects, footwear revenue grew 2%, apparel revenues advanced 5%, and equipment revenues were up 12%.

Constant dollar revenue growth for the quarter benefited from higher sales in nearly every country in the region with particular strength in the UK, Italy, and the emerging markets in the region. While the retail environment has indeed been challenging, our business has held up quite well and we've been growing our business with many key retailers.

Gross margins in Europe expanded 240 basis points for the quarter, accounting for 80 basis points of our consolidated margin improvement. The gross margin benefits of more favorable currency exchange rates were partially offset by pricing and product investments in consumer value and increased product costs related to higher commodity prices, and finally costs to meet strong worldwide free run nike demand particularly for footwear.

Reported first quarter pretax income for the European region was $330 million, an increase of 34% versus fiscal 2004. The increase was driven by the growth in revenue billige nike shox and gross margin and a significant decline in demand creation, the result of comparison to heavy spending in the prior year [url=http://turl.no/t51]nike free billig[/url] quarter and a shift in spending from Q1 to Q2 this year.

In the Asia Pacific region, revenues increased 13% in the first quarter. About 3 points of the increase came from stronger currencies in the region. Excluding currency effects, footwear reported 5% growth while apparel grew 16% and equipment advanced 15%. China was the primary driver of the region's growth. Revenues in Japan were up slightly for the quarter and futures for the next five months were up double digits.

For the quarter, Asia Pacific gross margin fell 180 basis points, reducing our consolidated gross margin by 20 basis points. Investments in footwear consumer value in Japan and higher product costs in several markets drove the reduction. The gross margin decline was more than offset by increased revenues and lower SG spending versus last year's heavy investments in demand creation and supply chain implementation. As a result, reported pretax income for the quarter grew 44% to $91 million.

The Americas region posted another strong performance in the first quarter as revenues grew 32% with stronger currencies in the region contributing 12 points of that growth. Gross margin advanced 330 basis points in the quarter, contributing about 20 basis points to Nike Inc.'s consolidated gross margin expansion. Pretax profit for the region more than doubled to $45 million driven by growth in revenues and gross margin combined with lower demand creation spending. region also delivered a strong quarter as revenues advanced 8% driven by strong growth across a number of wholesale accounts. Footwear revenues grew 11%, apparel increased 1%, and equipment grew 4%. futures orders for delivery between September and January rose over 12% versus the prior period a year ago. footwear has been one of the most important [url=http://forkort.no/8asd]nike free billig[/url] drivers of our growth in revenue and profits over the last few quarters. In the first quarter, wholesale unit sales increased to the [url=http://n3t.no/nikefreebillig]nike free billig[/url] high single digit rate and the average price per pair increased in the low to mid single digits and we're continuing to see strong growth in both units and average price per pair for the five month futures window. apparel grew 1% for the quarter as 11% growth in Nike and Jordan branded apparel more than offset the decline in licensed apparel due to the expiration of our NBA license. Our last significant [url=http://turl.no/t51]nike free billig[/url] sales of NBA apparel were made in the second quarter of fiscal 2005, so we'll be past that issue after the second quarter of this billige nike free run fiscal year. fell 50 basis points for the quarter, reducing our consolidated gross margin by 20 basis points. Most of the decline was attributable billige nike shox to footwear, due principally to higher product costs and additional costs to meet strong unit demand, as discussed earlier. region grew 7% in the quarter to $345 million as the revenue growth and SG leverage more than offset lower gross margins.

For the quarter, revenues from our other businesses grew 6% to $462 million. Pretax income was unchanged at $40 million as increased demand creation investments in Nike Golf offset profit growth in the balance of the other portfolio.

Consolidated SG spending for Nike Inc. grew 3% in the quarter, driven by a 10% reduction in demand creation and a 12% increase in operating overhead. For both components of SG demand creation and operating overhead, currency changes accounted for about 1 point of the increase. The decrease in demand creation spending was the result of comparison to heavy investments last year related to global sporting events in the summer of 2004 and a shift in spending from this year's first quarter to the second.

In addition to the impact of currency, the increase in operating overhead reflected higher sales commissions and incentive based compensation, reflecting the Company's strong growth as well as investments in new and existing product categories, Nike owned retail stores, and other brand infrastructure. Year over year changes in the timing of sales meetings and charitable donations also nike shox norge raised operating overhead spending for the quarter.

For the first quarter we reported net interest income of $6 million versus $5 million of net interest expense in the prior year quarter. The improvement was due to both higher levels of invested cash and higher interest rates. Other income net for the first quarter was $10 million versus $2 million of other expense net in the prior year quarter. The largest factor in the improvement was the swing from foreign currency hedge losses in fiscal 2005 to foreign currency hedge gains in the current year. The net effect of the improvement in these foreign currency hedging results and the translation of foreign currency denominated profits was approximately $17 million of additional pretax income for the quarter. Our effective tax rate for the quarter was 34.5%, consistent with our current estimate for the full year. We also believe that this rate is a reasonable estimate for the next several years.

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Ребята, я уже давно не могу войти на форум.
Можно как-то перерегистрировать себя?
С уважением Северогор.

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